ACArmor Class or Defense.
AddAn extra monster has joined an existing battle.
AltA character on your account other than your main character.
AoEArea of Effect Damage. This is a spell that hurts a group of monsters in an area like Blizzard in Warcraft III.
AEArea Effect
AFKAway from Keyboard. This means the player is away from his computer.
AggroThis means the monsters are mad at you and you've "activated" them to attack you. They are now in the motion of trying to reach and attack you. "The Murloc aggroed on me!" or "The Murlocs will aggro if you get too close!"
Aggro RadiusThe radius around the monsters where they will "wake up" and attack you.
AHAuction House
AvatarYour character
BRDBlackrock Deeps
BuffA beneficial spell cast on a monster or player. An example of a "buff" is the Priest's Inner Fire or Shaman's Bloodlust.
CarebearPlayer that prefers to help other players attack monsters rather than attack other players in player vs. player combat.
CasterA character that stays on the back row to heal or cast spells on the enemy, such as a Mage.
CheeseTo exploit an imbalance in the game.
Combat PetsA NPC controlled by a player, aiding that player and his teammates in fights.
CRCorpse Retrevial
Creep JackingA term from Warcraft 3 where players attack other players while they are already engaged in combat with neutral monsters.
CrittersMonsters that don't attack back, like a bunny or deer.
DDDirect Damage. This is a spell that does all of its damage in one hit rather than spreading its damage over time.
DOTDamage over time
DPSDamage per second
De-BuffA negative spell cast on a unit that makes it less powerful. An example of a "de-buff" is Slow.
FHFull Health
FMFull Mana
GankPlayer vs. Player: To attack another player while they're trying to fight a monster.
GMGame Master. Someone employed by Blizzard Entertainment to assist and help players.
GrieferA person who purposely tries to annoy or anger other players.
GrindingStaying in the same area fighting the same types of monsters for a very long time.
HateSimilar to threat
HPHit points or Health
Incoming (INC)This means an attack is coming.
InstancingThis is a dungeon where you will load into your OWN copy of the dungeon with your group. Only you and your group will be in your copy of the dungeon. Another group that enters the same area will enter their own copy of the dungeon.
KitingA style of combat in which a player continually stays out of combat range of an enemy usually by running from it, while simultaneously causing damage to it.
KOSKilled on Sight. If an Orc approaches a Human Guard, the Guard would try to kill on sight (aggro).
KSKill Steal. Try to steal another person's kill.
LFGLooking for a group.
LFMLooking for more.
LogWhen you log off; disconnect from the game.
LOLLots of Laugh or Laughing Out Loud. This abbreviation indicates something is really funny. Unfortunately although very common, that term became uncool a long long long time ago. Other alternatives that you can use instead are "hehehehe" or "hahahaha" which aren't the best but are more hip. ROFL should also be avoided to appear cool.
LOMLow on Mana.
LOSLine of Sight
LOOTTo take the treasure from a monster that has been killed or from a chest.
MezShort for Mesmerize. Refers to spells, such as Polymorph that temporarily incapacitate a target.
MMOMassively Multiplayer Online.
MMOGMassively Multiplayer Online Game
MMORPGMassive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
MOBAbbreviation of the word "Mobile". Mobs are all computer controlled characters in the game. You should likely use some other term such as monster, creep, or bad guy.
NamedA special monster that is usually stronger than surrounding monsters with possibile special abilities and item drops.
NBG- Need Before Greed, only people that need an item will roll dice (in case there are more than one player in the team that needs the item).
NerfTo downgrade, to be made softer, or make less effective. "X has been nerfed."
NewbieA term that sometimes means new player. Newbie is also used to suggest that a player is not very good.
NewbShort for Newbie. See above.
NinjaTo try to loot an item without other players knowing or paying attention. Basically, to take an item without permission.
N00bAn incredibly uncool way to say newb. Don't use it.
NPCThis is a non player-controlled character. The characters are controlled by the server or realm. A "computer" character.
OOMOut of Mana. People say this to let their party know they are out of mana and can't cast any spells, especially healing.
PCPlayer controlled character
PetA NPC controlled by a player such as a Wolf, Infernal, and so on.
PKPlayer Kill or Player Killer.
POPContraction of "Repopulation", often used as a shortened term for the re-spawn of monsters.
Proc Activate. Example: A weapon with a special effect will "proc" every so often.
PSTPlease Send Tell. Indicates that the person speaking wants to receive communication via a /t(ell) or /w(hisper) command.
PullerPerson who pulls monsters for the party.
PullingOne of the players in a party heads out and leads one or more of the monsters back to the party so that the party can attack the monsters. The idea is to prevent too many monsters from attacking at once.
PvEPlayer vs. Environment. Combat between players and computer controlled opponents.
PvPPlayer vs. Player. This means for one player to attack another player.
RaidA raid is a large-scale attack on an area by a group of players.
ResShort for resurrect
Re-SpawnA monster that has been killed has spawned (been created) again.
Rest (state)An indicator of how tired a character is, which affects how much experience is gained from killing monsters.
RollThis means that you should roll a random number to determine who has the right to get an item. For example: /random 1-100
RootTo trap a target in place/stuck using a "root" type spell such as Entangling Roots.
RRRedridge Mountains
ShardSoul Shard. An item gained by the Warlock through Soul Draining, used to cast several spells such as Ritual of Summoning and to conjure Soulstones.
Small PetsAn animal following the player around. While this does not directly influence the player or monsters, it is cool to have around, especially the rare ones.
SpawnsThe location or process of monsters appearing when they are created in the world.
StackA number of identical items placed in a single inventory slot, to conserve space. Only certain items can be stacked.
STVStranglethorn Vale
TankA melee character that can take a lot of damage like a Warrior.
Tap To do damage to a monster, making it "your" kill. Once you have damaged the monster, you are the only one able to get experience and loot from it. A monster with a greyed-out name bar has been tapped by another player and will not earn you experience or loot.
TauntRelated to Aggro. An ability that allows a player to pull the attention of a monster off of another player and onto him- or herself.
ThreatRelated to Aggro. This is what a character "gives off" to generate or draw monster aggro.
TrainTo lead monsters into another player. This is not a desired behavior.
TwinkA low level character who has been made more powerful by higher level characters, usually by getting stronger armor and weapons than the character would normally have at such a low level.
UberGerman slang for 'super', originally meaning 'over'; exceptionally powerful
WCWailing Caverns instance
Vendor TrashAn item that only a vendor/merchant would buy
WoWWorld of Warcraft
WTBWanting to buy
WTSWanting to sell
XP or ExpExperience Points
ZergFrom StarCraft, to attack something with a lot of players/units.