About the Guardians of Goldshire
Author: Honor
Date: 2004-11-28 20:30 PST
The Guardians of Goldshire (GoG) is a guild that believes in a few fundamental rules of conduct while providing an increased opportunity for roleplaying within the World of Warcraft universe. That's pretty much it. We are looking for mature and considerate players that know how to avoid bad behavior. Anything that would tarnish the reputation of the GoG is to be avoided. Age is not important. If you are a mature 14 year old, by all means, please join us. If you're an immature 28 year old, please look elsewhere for a guild to join. I've heard all the Horde guilds are recruiting. Please review the rules before requesting membership. If you're still interested, please send an e-mail to honor at goldshire dot com or you can always send Honor some mail in-game on the Lightbringer server.