Rules for the Guardians of Goldshire
Author: Honor
Date: 2004-11-28 20:30 PST
The Guardians of Goldshire follow a few rules and core beliefs. All members are strongly encouraged to follow these. They are:
  1. Defend Goldshire, Stormwind and Elwynn Forest from Horde depredations. If you are in an instance or grouped, do not hearthstone out to deal with the problem. Let others handle it. If you're standing in Ironforge watching people burn themselves in the auction house, hop a griffon and get down to Stormwind ASAP. We also don't want people to commit suicide. If a GoG member sees a '??' level Horde member attacking the Lion's Pride Inn, please do not attack them. Rather, play 'recon' by reporting to /g(uildchat) what the Horde member is doing so higher level GoG members will know how best to attack the offending Horde miscreants. It is highly recommended that upper-level GoG members leave their hearthstones homed on the Lion's Pride Inn so as to provide nearly instantaneous support for the Goldshire community. There is nothing quite like seeing a "Goldshire is under attack" message going out on WorldDefense and 30 seconds later, 10-15 high-level GoG members are standing in the middle of Goldshire. Horde morale really suffers.
  2. If you are high enough level where your hearthstone no longer is absolutely necessary, set it to Goldshire. This makes quick entrances much easier.
  3. Follow the Light and assist your fellow guild and Alliance members when you can. Anything that brings favor to the GoG is a good thing.
  4. Behavior that tarnishes, shames or brings dishonor to the name of the GoG is highly frowned upon.
  5. Do not 'ninja loot'. This is noticing someone is busy dealing with a group of mobs near an item, such as a chest or mineral vein, and swooping in, while they are in combat, and taking the item. Another definition is taking items that you cannot use at the expense of others. If you're a mail wearer, you should not be rolling on leather or cloth items. This will get you demoted immediately as it shows a complete lack of honor and respect for your fellow Alliance and guild members. If you want to do this, please type /gquit at your earliest opportunity.
  6. The GoG does not communicate in 'l33tspeak'. Please take the time to write your thoughts down clearly. Ones are not exclamation marks. Zeros are not oh's.
  7. We know that during combat, things get a little intense at times but if at all possible, please avoid the use of SMS shortcuts. 'u' is not 'you', 2 is not 'to, two or too', 4 is not 'for, four or fore', etc.
If you feel that this is a ruleset you can live with, please /whisper to a guild officer in-game or send an e-mail to honor at goldshire dot com.